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The Laughable Propaganda Channel Excerpts from the You Know What Dude! Podcast (Episode: "Too Cute")

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Excerpts from Laughable CEO/Co-Founder/Janitor Ned Kenney's appearance on Robert Kelly's You Know What Dude! Podcast.

Others who joined in the conversation include comedians Mark Normand, Dean Delray, Mike Feeney, and Lauren Kubera.


Robert and Mark are members of the Laughable Artist Collective, a group of comedians with popular podcasts who are regularly promoting Laughable on their shows and providing Laughable with strategic and product guidance.

Learn more about the Collective here: https://laughable.com/artist-collective

Read the letter Ned wrote to Robert, Mark, and the other Collective members in advance of its announcement in the spring of 2017: https://laughable.com/blog/artistcollectivewelcomeletter/


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